Who We Are

The New Way to find customers. makes sales. build success.


What Is NewLIST?

NewLIST is an online advertising and marketing platfom. Signup with NewLIST and we handle the local advertising and marketing of your business online. Even better, you can get started for free!

If you're like most small business owners, you don't have the time figure out how to run ads on Social Media, maintain email lists of customers, or track analytics of how well your campaign is doing. You just want to run your business!

You could hire a Social Media Agency, but all they typically do is run your ads and then charge you thousands for what is literally a few minutes' of work each week. That's not cost effective!

Wouldn't it be great if there was a one stop shop where you could market your company online to tens of thousands of local customers without breaking the bank each month? Well, that is exactly what NewLIST is designed to do.

Signup with NewLIST and let us handle the rest. We'll create bright, beautiful display ads with your company logos and graphics. Then we we put your ads on various social media to attract attention to your company within your local market.

With NewLIST Delivered!, we broadcast your ad each week to our well-groomed, opt-in list of local customers who are looking for busiensses just like yours.

You can use NewLIST to:

  1. Reach new customers online,
  2. Generate leads,
  3. Offer deals and coupons,
  4. Show-off your locations through pictures and downloadable PDF menus and brocures.

With NewLIST we create an entire online presence for your company that helps you not just get found, but find new clients and generate sales. And the best part of NewLIST is that you can get started for free!

Our Story

A while back, we went in search of a new lawn company to, you know, mow the lawn. After searching online for thirty minutes we were no closer to knowing who would be good or even who actually did lawn mowing than when we started. Sure, we could have paid Angie's List or dug someone up on Craig's List, but it really shouldn't be that tough to find someone to just mow the lawn!

We suddenly had an idea. Let's build something that will allow people to find exactly the right business they're looking for. We're all really smart guys. Let's do this right. Let's toss out everything people think they know about "Local Search" and keep it fast and simple. That's when NewLIST was born.

So our tiny team set out build the ultimate local search experience. Out of the gate, let's just say none of use were new to the task.

As former Disney, Dell, and payment card processing software engineering contractors, we knew our way around how to build really top-notch enterprise-class websites. Toss in our rockstar graphic designer and UI/UX guru and suddenly NewLIST was on it's way to helping people find businesses in a way that no one else was doing.

So that's how life at NewLIST began.

Ultimately NewLIST is about bringing people together; helping people find the businesses and the services they're looking for, while at the same time helping businesses large and small succeed.

As far as the lawn goes—we eventually found someone—using NewLIST.