Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions for us? NewLIST has the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions!

Can I really advertise on NewLIST for free?

Yes. When you signup, NewLIST creates a new "Freemium" ad for you to get started. You will likely need to hire a talented graphic design artist to create your ad images, but that is the only cost you should have to get your ad up and running on NewLIST. NewLIST does not provide ad design services. However, we do provide a list of talented graphic designers on Fiverr who can design your ads, usually for around $25.

Do I need to purchase a full-size or some other size ad?

No. Not every category or keyword search result for your local area needs the firepower (ad points) of a full size or other size ad purchase. You can often achieve showing a full-size ad by spending a few dollars on an Ad Pool, adding a couple of ad points to your "freemium" ad to get NewLIST to show your full-size ad in the search results for your local category or keywords.

What are Ad Points?

In addition to purchasing an ad size, NewLIST allows you to purchase something we call Ad Points. Ads on NewLIST are shown in order of their ad points, highest to lowest. Ads with the most ad points are shown higher in the results list. Ad Points are essentially $1 per point. If you purchase a half-size ad, your ad will have 195 ad points. You can often boost your half-size ad to display as a full size ad by adding just a handful of ad points depending on the other ads within a particular search result.

So, what are the rules for how ads are shown?

NewLIST follows a very basic set of rules for showing ads within search results:

  1. NewLIST may show ads at any of the various ad sizes depending on the ad points of the ads within a particular search results list.
  2. All ads are shown ordered by ad points, highest to lowest.
  3. Purchased ad sizes are always shown at least in the size (or larger) that they were purchased as.
    If you purchased a half-size ad, you are guaranteed that your ad will always show at least half-size or larger in whatever search resutls listing your ad might appear within.

Example: Let's say 5 ads with ad points show up in a search result for plumbers in Celebration, FL. 1) a full size ad at 395 points, 2) a freemium ad at 550 points (using an ad points pool), 3) a half-size ad at 350 points (again, using an ad points pool), 4) anohter half-size ad at 195 points, and 5) a quarter-size ad at 95 points

NewLIST will arrange and order the ads as follows:

Ad 2 - Free Size - Full Size - 550 points
Ad 1 - Full Size - Full Size - 395 points
Ad 3 - Half Size - Half Size - 350 points
Ad 4 - Half Size - Half Size - 195 points
Ad 5 - Qter Size - Half Size - 95 points

NewLIST will render point (ie. paid) ads in larger sizes in an effort to fill the ad space to make the search result more appealing. Typically, this means that we try to show at a minimum at least: 2 full-size ads, 4 half-size ads, and 8 quarter-size ads, regardless of the points added to an ad.

How do I get my ad to show up on the NewLIST home page of Featured Providers?

Featured Providers are selected from all of the advertisers within a user's local area. Advertisers with the highest total "ad points" are shown first with ads then arranged in descending order. Full-size ads are shown first, then half, quarter and eighth sized ads; similar to the way the Yellow Pages use to be.

There may be other criteria for how fetured providers are shown on the NewLIST home page for any given area. Contact NewLIST Sales to inquire about special ad placements within your area.

I uploaded my ad images, but the screen says "Pending".

Right. So, because NewLIST is a self-service kind of media, NewLIST visually inspects every ad image and file uploaded to NewLIST to make sure that your ad meets our, okay, rather stringent quality control standards.

We're just going to be up-front here: If your ad looks like it was designed by a five-year-old, we're not going to approve it for display. Your ads need to be professionally designed by a talented graphic designer. This is your business we're talking about here.

One of the things NewLIST prides itself on is delivering beautiful, impactful ads that pull for our advertisers. If you are uploading junk ad images, unsavory or tasteless images to promote your business, we'll not approve them for display. Sorry. We're a classy media.

What are the criteria for getting images approved?

Honestly, there aren't any. It's totally subjective. We don't want to be inflexible. We give you and your ad designer full lattitude in coming up with cool, cutting-edge ad design. Your ad images just have to be visually appealing.

However, with that being said, the kinds of ad images that will not be approved are: 1) amateur design, 2) nudity, 3) graphic violence, "shocking" or repulsive imagry, 4) politically controversial, or in short, 5) images not designed to promote a local business' success.

If your ad image is not approved but you still think it should be, feel free to contact our CEO using the support area. You will get a kind, fair and rapid response.

My ad is not showing up, what am I doing wrong?

Okay, this could be any one of a number of things:

  1. Active or Paused? Make sure your locations, images and ads are not in the "paused" mode. Paused locations, images and ads will not show up because they are, well, paused, meaning inactive. To un-pause and make the location, image or ad "active", click the    icon in the controls column for the location, image or ad.
  2. Locations and Images Selected? In the Manage Ads area, click on the    and    icons to reveal the ad locations and ad images selection tables. Simply click on the location(s) and also image(s) you want to use for the ad. The location and/or image row will highlight to show the selected location(s) or image(s) for the ad.
  3. Metro Area Selected? Ads are centred around a specific metro area. You must select the metro area where your ad will be targeted. On the Manage Ad screen, click on the Metro Area table cell to bring up Metro selection search dropdown, enter a zipcode or City, State and select. Your locations must be within 50 miles of this metro area to be found within local searches.
  4. Correct Location Coordinates? Incorrect Latitude and Longitude coordinates for your location(s) can also be the culprit. An incorrect address entered into NewLIST can sometimes result in bad coordinates. Double-check the Latitude and Longitude for your location within the Locations edit wizard under the Address tab. You may try copying these coordinates into an online mapping utility to see where your location appears. Manually enter these coordinates if they are wrong.

If you still do not see your ad showing, feel free to contact NewLIST support and we will help you setup your ads and be up and running in no time.

How do I cancel an ad?

Unlike some major search apps and sites, NewLIST doesn't tie you to contracts or minimum ad buys. You can cancel an ad at any time right from within Ad Manager. Simply click the cancel    icon to cancel any paid ad or ad point pool. You can choose to have the ad canceled at the end of the billing cycle with no additional renewals, or cancel immediately with any unused portion of the month prorated as a credit back to your account.