What Is NewLIST?

NewLIST is an online marketing platform that you can use to find local customers online. Signup with NewLIST and we handle the local advertising and marketing of your business online. You can get started for FREE; no credit card required.

Even better, signup for a paid ad beginning at just $45 per month and NewLIST will handle all of the details of getting your new ad up and running without you ever having to lift a finger. Click the play button to watch how NewLIST helps your business find new customers online ...

The New Way to find customers offer deals makes sales build success locally!


Use NewLIST to begin marketing your company online to thousands of customers locally!
Signup for any size paid ad starting at just $45 per mo. and NewLIST will design your company ad for free.
It's so easy to get started. No annoying sales people. No contracts. Cancel anytime.



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  • Zero ad fees
  • As low as $0 per month
  • Variable Sized
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  • Add Ad Points for higher ranking
  • Self-managed Account Setup
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Eighth Size$45

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  • $45 per month
  • Free Ad Design - All Sizes
  • Eighth Size
    Display Ad or larger
  • 45 Ad Points for higher ranking
  • Managed Account Setup

Quarter Size$95

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  • $95 per month
  • Free Ad Design - All Sizes
  • Quarter Size
    Display Ad or larger
  • 95 Ad Points for higher ranking
  • Managed Account Setup

Half Size$195

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  • $195 per month
  • Free Ad Design - All Sizes
  • Half Size
    Display Ad or larger
  • 195 Ad Points for higher ranking
  • Managed Account Setup

How Ad Sizes Work

Ads displayed on NewLIST are ranked and sized by the total number of Ad Points assigned to an ad. If all of the ads within the search results have 0 points, then ads are ranked by the newest ads. However, a freemium ad with just 5 ad points will show first in the search results and at full size if all of the other ads have fewer or no points assigned.

Managed Ads, those with 45 points or more, will show higher in the search results and at their minimum or larger size, based on the points of other ads in the search results. Ads with 95 points or more will always show as quarter size or larger. Ads with 195 points or more will always show as half size or larger. Ads with 395 points or more will always show at full size.

Market Online Like A Pro

If you're like most small business owners, you don't have the time figure out how to run ads on Social Media, maintain email lists of customers, or track analytics of how well your campaign is doing. You just want to run your business!

You could hire a Social Media Agency, but all they typically do is run your ads and then charge you thousands for what is literally a few minutes' of work each week. That's not cost effective!

Wouldn't it be great if there was a one stop shop where you could market your company online to tens of thousands of local customers without breaking the bank each month? Well, that is exactly what NewLIST is designed to do.

Signup with NewLIST and let us handle the rest. We'll create bright, beautiful display ads with your company logos and graphics. Then we we market through various social media  and search engines to attract attention to your company within your local market.

With NewLIST Delivered!, we broadcast your ad each week to our well-groomed, opt-in list of local customers who are looking for businesses just like yours.

You can use NewLIST to:

  1. Reach new customers online,
  2. Generate leads,
  3. Offer deals and coupons,
  4. Show-off your locations through pictures and downloadable PDF menus and brochures.

With NewLIST we create an entire online presence for your company that helps you not just get found, but find new clients and generate sales.

Don't lift a finger! Once you're signed up, NewLIST staff will handle everything to get you setup on the NewLIST platform and begin to get marketed online!

Why NewLIST Is Better

A Better Way To Advertise

NewLIST isn't like other online media. NewLIST delivers beautiful full-color ads for your company. It doesn't matter if you are a huge enterprise or a tiny one-person operation, NewLIST can help bring new customers to you.

Greater Local Reach

NewLIST has far greater reach than the local neighborhood weekly. If you're looking for new customers outside of a few neighborhoods, NewLIST can bring you customers from all over your local area.

Customers Find You Instantly

Ever tired to find a specific kind of company in the paper or neighborhood circular? Unlike print, you're not competing with a 100 other ads . With NewLIST, potential customers search and find you within seconds.

Easier To Advertise

Forget the print media's ad deadlines and distribution schedules. NewLIST works on your schedule. Purchase ads anytime; upload your ads when it's convenient for you. Schedule your ads to run when you want.

Cost Effective

Print is expensive. Expensive to create; expensive to print; expensive to deliver. As an online media, NewLIST delivers your full-color ads to potential customers for free or at a fraction of the cost of print.

Professional Ad Design

NewLIST has talented graphic designers on staff who can design your display ads. We can design ads that communicate what your company does in a way that grabs the attention of local customers looking for what you company does.