Setting Up Ads

Ads are the glue that pull together your locations and images within searches on NewLIST. You can use the Freemium ad option at no cost; or purchase Ad Points or minimum Ad Sizes to guarantee your ads will show at whatever size you choose.

Your First New Ad

NewLIST ads are highly flexible with regard to what you can do and how you can display your company within NewLIST search results. But with that flexibility comes a little bit of complexity. But no worries, we'll show you how to configure your ads on NewLIST to maximize your effectiveness with whatever budget you may have.

Managing Your Ads

When you signup with NewLIST, we automagically create a brand new shiny Freemium ad for you. This Freemium ad is completely free for you to use to display your company ads in NewLIST search results. This is what your Freemium Ad will display as when you first login to your account.

Whenever you see a table heading with the icon, you know that by clicking on that table cell you can edit this information directly in the table. Each of the fields in the Ads listing table are as follows:

  • Ad Name - We default the ad name to the name of your company, but you can change the ad name to something more meaningful to your marketing simply by clicking on the ad name and entering a new name.
  • Campaign - You can further group your ads by a Campaign name. Click on the table cell to update your ad with a Campaign name or simply leave it blank.
  • Metro Area - Select the Metro Area where your ad will be targeted to.
  • Points - Ad Points help show your ad higher in the search listings and with larger ad sizes.
  • Start Date - The date this ad began running.
  • End Date - The date this ad will end (and most likely auto-renew for the next month).
  • Controls - Icon links that are use used to edit, manage locations, manage images, play and pause, and removed (delete) an ad.

Ad Controls

Under the Controls column of the table, you'll see multiple control icons. Click the icons to:

  •   Edit - Allows you to edit your ad's description; add an URL key so people can find your ad easily; and most importantly, manage your ad's keywords so that your ad and attached locations and images can be searched for and found on NewLIST.
  •   Locations - Open / Close the Locations assignment list for this ad (See the Location Assignment section below).
  •   Images - Open / Close the Images assignment list for this ad (See the Images Assignment section below).
  •   Play or    Pause - Allows you to show or hide this ad from searches. This is convenient for showing or hiding certain ads that you may only want visible for a time. NOTE: You will NOT be billed for a paused ad! If you no longer want to be billed for an ad, you can cancel and remove the ad. A final invoice will be issued at the end of the ad's subscription period for any time the ad was played on the platform.
  •   Cancel - Allows you to cancel this ad permanently. It will still remain in your Ads listing. (See the Cancelling Ads section below).

Metro Area Assignment

Before your ad will show in the NewLIST search results, you need to tag your ad to a major metropolitan area. We recommend the largest city within your area, but you can choose any zipcode to center your ad from.

Simply click on the Metro Area table cell for your ad and search for your local zipcode or city. Select the city from the dropdown list to choose your Metro Area. Your ads will appear if they are with 50 miles of this Metro Area.

Why do I need to choose a Metro Area?

NewLIST is a hyper-local kind of media. As such, we simply want ads to be centered within a local metro area. If you are a national enterprise and wish to advertise with NewLIST in dozens of different metro areas, please contact our sales team using the NewLIST Support Area.

Categories and Keywords

One of the most important things you need to set for your ad is which keywords and/or business categories your business fits within. Keywords are simple search terms that fit your business and it will be what most people use to find you on NewLIST. However, it is also important to set the Category or Categories for the type of business that you are.

To set your keywords and categories open the Ad Management page and then click the edit icon to show the ad edit modal window. You can set up to 10 keywords and categories for your ad. You can also set a short description for your ad here as well.

Location Assignment

As noted earlier, clicking on the    icon will reveal the Locations Assignment list. Just like with the main locations listing, this locations list is fully searchable and sortable for you to quickly find multiple locations, if needed.

To assign one more more locations to this ad, simple click the table row of the locations you wish to assign. The table row will highlight to indicate that this location is now assigned to this ad.

Image Assignment

Just as with Locations, clicking on the    icon will reveal the Images Assignment list. Again, just like with the main images listing, this images list is fully searchable and sortable for you to quickly find multiple images, if needed.

To assign one more more images to this ad, simple click the table row of the images you wish to assign. The table row will highlight to indicate that this images is now assigned to this ad.

For Freemium ads, you will want to assign all four size ad images, because you do not know at what size your ad may display in. For other ad sizes, you really only need to select the ad size you purchased or larger because your ad is guaranteed to display at the purchased size. For instance, if you purchased a Half size ad, you really only need to select the half and full size images. You can select all of the image sizes, but only the half or full sizes will ever display within the search results.

Ad Points

As mentioned earlier, you can use Ad Points to enhance the ranking of your search results. Check out the Ad Points documentation for a more in-depth explanation of how Ad Points can make your ads work more efficiently.


Purchasing an Ad Size

Businesses who want to maximize their exposure on NewLIST have the option of purchasing an minimum Ad Size. With a Freemium Ad, NewLIST will adjust your ad size within search listtings, usually based on ad points (and other factors), within the different search results. Your ad could be shown at full size for less popular category or search keywords, or at Eighth Size for very popular or general search terms, like "plumbers" or "restaurants".

Purchasing a minimum Ad Size guarantees that your business' ad will appear at least as large as the minimum size you purchased within any search result. If you purchase a Half Size ad, for instance, and your business is plumbing, when customers search NewLIST for "plumbers" in your area, your business' ad will display always display the Half Size ad image, or larger.

Selecting A Paid Ad Size

When you purchase Ad Points on NewLIST your are essentially creating a monthly "subscription" that will automagically renew each month. You can easily cancel this subscription at any time for any reason.

In the above screenshot, we show how easy it is purchase Ad Points and the minimum size ad your ad will appear with the selected number of points. Simply click the ad Select button to highlight the ad size you'd like. You can also select any number of points you wish your ad to have and the corresponding monthly cost.

If you already have a credit or debit card setup with NewLIST, the ad will be created using your primary card. If you do not yet have a payment card setup, a card window will appear asking you to input your payment card number and information.