Setting Up Billing

Purchasing ads on NewLIST is quick and easy. You can manage multiple payment cards and view and pay invoices right online.

Managing Cards

Setting an Active Card

NewLIST allows you to add multiple payment options (cards) to your account. The first card added to your account becomes the "Active" card, meaning all invoices will be paid using this active card. If you add more than one card to your account, you have the option to set which of your cards will be "Active" and used to pay new invoices from month to month. Simply click the    icon to set a card as "Active".

SECURITY NOTE: Your payment information is SAFE with NewLIST. NewLIST is fully PCI complaint implementing state-of-the-art security measures within our servers and technology. At no time is your sensitive card information ever stored within NewLIST. In the unlikely event of a security breech, the treasure chest is empty, NewLIST does not store your credit card information within any of our servers or systems.

Updating Card Information

In the event a card's information changes, such as a name change, a new card arrives with a new expiration date, or you move and need to input a new address, simply click the    icon to update the card with new information. In the event of a card number change, you cannot update a card number. Simply add the new card with the new number as a new card and delete the old one.