Setting Up Location Images

Your business is so much more than just pretty ads! Show off your locations with individualized images of your business location(s), your sample work, even PDF versions of your menus or brochures.

Associating Images with Locations

You can upload PNG and JPG images, including PDF files, of your company's work to NewLIST using the Images upload area. Once your files have been approved to use on NewLIST, you can use the location controls to assign image and document files to your locations. Click on the image icon    in the location controls to reveal the images list.

The images list works just like the one in the Ads area. Once you find the image you want to assign to the location, simple click on the image, that line will highlight showing the image is assigned to this location. Select one or more images or PDF files to associate to your location. When people click on your ad, they will be show a view images button that will show your location's images and PDF files within a beautiful lightbox slideshow.